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.: DutchTREx Tornado Chase Team

DutchTREx Tornado Chase Team goes to the United States for the twelfth time. This year (2008) with the following chasers: Margot Ribberink, Eric Terpstra, Jarco van den Brink en Arno Paanstra. We'll arrive at Dallas (TX) May 24 and our chase ends June 15. Photos of our chases are shown on this website and you can find our chase reports on the website of Meteo Consult.

(Not everything is translated so far, therefore you will encounter some Dutch words.)

.: Follow our team

The current position of our team is marked by a . During our stay in the USA you will find us somewhere on the map below. If can't find us, just click on "Find the chasers". Click on our car and you will get the latest GPS position report. The update frequency depends of the number of Internet Access points we will encounter during our chases. You can also use Google Earth to find current location, click here to get our position.

The map also shows the Tornado Forecast (outlined areas) of the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and special events like a Supercell or a Tornado.

Click here to view all severe weather reports of today.