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"Hurricane Hunters" US Air Force aircraft AF97-5306 investigating Hurricane Felix (2007-09-02)

Track USAF and NOAA Hurricane Hunters with Google Earth
Follow the Hurricane Hunters of US Air Force 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron and NOAA live on their way to investigate suspect areas, tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes. This tool shows all mission details, such as: Target information, Aircraft details and meteorological observations. Tracks are colored depending of measured wind speeds. Click on a dot or plane to view observed parameters. Use the tree on the left to show mission details, mission summary of the last 2 days and flight schedule (Click to view) of today and tomorrow.

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Screenshots/Gallery (Click to enlarge)
Third Hurricane Hunter mission into tropical storm Gabrielle operated by US Air Force.
All 13 missions related to Hurricane Felix.
A long mission of more than eight hours into Hurricane Felix. Starting from Saint Croix (Virgin Islands), crossing the eye three times and finally back to Keesler Air Force Base located in Biloxi (Mississippi).
Mission no. 13 into Hurricane Felix prior to landfall on Honduras and Nigaraqua.
After a slight weakening of Hurricane Felix US Air Force Hurricane Hunter measures category 5 winds again, just before landfall.
Hurricane Felix (NASA's Earth Observatory photo)
Hurricane Felix - slightly weakened to a category 4 - headed for a collision course with Honduras and Nigaraqua. (Enhanced Infrared image)
Two simultaneous missions. One into Hurricane Felix (Caribbean) and the other one into Tropical Storm Henriette (Eastern Pacific).
Hurricane Category 5 winds are measured in the north eastern section of the eye wall during the 10th mission into Hurricane Felix.
Hurricane Hunters flying in the eye of Hurricane Dean, just before making landfall at Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.
Hurricane Category 4 winds are measured in the north eastern section of the eye wall during the 8th mission into Hurricane Felix.
NOAA's Hurricane Hunters crossing the eye of Hurricane Felix twice on their 8th mission.
Strongest winds well above Aruba. So no serious damage reported, just a lot of rain.
Hurricane Felix passing just north of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao).
7th Mission into Hurricane Felix. Operated by 'Miss Piggy', aircraft N43RF of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
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